Vestibular Treatment Perspectives

Power and Precision with Comprehensive Vestibular and Proprioceptive Activation

Do you feel uninspired by your current treatment activities? Are you looking for a new perspective on the role of the vestibular system in clinical practice? As therapists we understand the necessary foundation that vestibular and proprioceptive systems play in human development, arousal regulation and functional participation. We recognize that all clients need vestibular incorporated into their treatment, but do you know how to specifically tailor treatment planning related to these two important systems to all of your clients?

If you are tired of the same activities and are interested in taking your understanding of the vestibular-proprioceptive systems to a new clinical level then you cannot miss this opportunity. Join our instructors as they provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the role of the vestibular and proprioceptive systems in everyday life, and how participation is ultimately impacted when the functioning of these systems is compromised. Furthermore, participants will examine the relationship of the vestibular system, via links to the autonomic nervous system, to sensory modulation and emotional regulation. In the context of clinical case examples, participants will gain an understanding of how to precisely analyze, adapt and apply powerful treatment activities proven to optimize therapeutic objectives and outcomes for clients with diverse functional limitations in a variety of treatment settings (clinic, school, and home). Innovative video examples will demonstrate new ways of treating and progressing treatment activities for your clients. This course is open to all therapists interested in augmenting and expanding their understanding of the vestibular-proprioceptive systems.

Currently No Upcoming Events for this Course.