About Us


Sheila Frick, Founder of Vital Links and Therapeutic Listening®

Sheila M. Frick, OTR/L, is the originator of Vital Links and Therapeutic Listening. With over 30 years of clinical experience, Sheila is a highly regarded occupational therapist who sees clients in her own clinical practice as well as mentors clinicians in her role as a world-wide speaker and innovator of Therapeutic Listening. Sheila’s brings a passion for practical, treatment-oriented therapy strategies to her teaching, which extends beyond Therapeutic Listening to approaches supporting the whole body. Sheila has collaborated with other well-respected clinicians in the development and teaching of these strategies through her popular workshops including: Astronaut Training, Core Concepts in Action – Book, and M.O.R.E.

Sharing ideas through continuing education

The foundation of Vital Links is Sheila’s continued interest in further development and lecturing of practical, theory oriented treatment tools, which can effectively be utilized by therapists across multiple areas of clinical practice. Through our continuing education workshops, Vital Links aims to offer training that is relevant for new graduates as well as experienced clinicians looking to take their clinical treatment to the next level.

Therapeutic Resources Clinic helps both families and the Vital Links team

Sheila’s work at her private clinic in Madison, Wisconsin, is what informs and drives her passion for teaching. At the heart of Sheila’s enthusiasm and vigor for instruction lie her clinical experiences personally working with children and their families. Knowing that each day in the clinic offers repeated opportunities to support other individuals accomplish their goals serves as a limitless motivator for Sheila’s continued innovation and teaching.

The blending of art, science, theory, and practice is what drives Sheila and all the members of the Vital Links team on their path to offering the highest quality education and clinical support.