Clinical Conversation: Exploring Self-Regulation & Powerfully You Curriculum

Vital Links is offering a free webinar for therapists with Sheila Frick and the developers of Powerfully You™, Amy Lewis, OTR/L and Heather Spann, OTR/L.

The development of and capacity for arousal regulation is multifaceted. A comprehensive treatment approach to establishing and supporting self-regulation extends beyond treatment aimed at sensory processing or cognitive strategies alone. Instead, therapists must employ a multiple brain and body system approach to treatment.

In this Clinical Conversation, Sheila provides a brief discussion on the concepts of arousal and self-regulation as it relates to occupational participation and engagement in a variety of activities. Following this introduction, Sheila, Amy, and Heather discuss the development of Powerfully You, a social emotional learning curriculum designed to foster self-regulation. Paramount to the Powerfully You curriculum are a range of lessons designed to teach key concepts and terminology, including Body Sensing, Body Batter, Body Activation, and more.

Interested in learning more about the Powerfully You Curriculum? Join us for an upcoming course!


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