A Musical Spotlight – Nature Classics

Today, we’re shining a spotlight on a recent addition within the Modulated Music series, the Nature Classics album. We, along with our colleagues from

Beyond Modulated Music: Continuing the Therapeutic Listening® Progression

Results from quantitative and qualitative research identify that the addition of Therapeutic Listening to occupational therapy services supports improvements in performance skills and client factors (fine-motor, social skills, visual-motor, arousal regulation, attention) that influence occupational participation (Bazyk, Cimino, Hayers, Goodman, & Farrell, 2010; Hall, & Case-Smith, 2007; Wink, McKeown, and Casey, 2017). If you have found that the addition of the Modulated…
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Practice What You Practice: Occupational Therapist Challenge

Don’t ignore your value as a Therapist As therapists, our job is to support our clients in living the richest lives possible. We’re givers and caretakers — and it’s probably safe to say that at the end of the day we just want to facilitate an environment where our clients have the opportunity to live a quality life. We understand that it’s…
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The Vital Recipe for Minimizing Adult Meltdowns

This holiday season, the Vital Links team is taking a moment to reflect on our favorite strategies for rest, relaxation, and refueling. We recognize that during this wonderful time of celebration, there are also repeated demands placed upon our personal resources—specifically, our time and energy. As caregivers, therapists, parents, spouses, and friends we often focus our energy on giving to others. This…
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6 Strategies to Minimize Meltdowns Over the Holidays

There is often great anticipation and preparation around the holiday season: family gatherings, holiday parties, weeks off school, traveling to see distant relatives, and frequently disruptions to established schedules and routines. As a result, the holidays can be an overwhelming time for adults and children alike. For individuals with sensory modulation and sensory processing difficulties, this seemingly exciting time of year often…
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