A Musical Spotlight – Links to Connection

Today, we are announcing our latest addition to the Modulated Music series, the Links to Connection album. This new album expands upon the current Therapeutic Listening selections and is appropriate for individuals who are experiencing difficulties with sensory modulation, dysregulation or constricted ranges of arousal, and auditory sensitivities. Take a peek at this short video clip of Tracy Bjorling, M.S., OTR/L discussing this…
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A Musical Spotlight – Nature Classics

Today, we’re shining a spotlight on a recent addition within the Modulated Music series, the Nature Classics album. We, along with our colleagues from

Beyond Modulated Music: Continuing the Therapeutic Listening® Progression

Results from quantitative and qualitative research identify that the addition of Therapeutic Listening to occupational therapy services supports improvements in performance skills and client factors (fine-motor, social skills, visual-motor, arousal regulation, attention) that influence occupational participation (Bazyk, Cimino, Hayers, Goodman, & Farrell, 2010; Hall, & Case-Smith, 2007; Wink, McKeown, and Casey, 2017). If you have found that the addition of the Modulated…
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Should I use Modulated Music or Quickshifts?

For the last 17 years, the hallmark series in the Therapeutic Listening® library consisted of the modulated albums.  Recently, the new Quickshift series has proved to be a powerful adjunct to any treatment session or home program.  However, therapists sometimes wonder how and when to implement each series of music? These two series of albums can be used independent of one another or…
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Therapeutic Listening® as an Approach Not a Program

One of the most unique, yet challenging features of implementing Therapeutic Listening® is that it is not a program, but an approach. It is not a ‘one size fits all’ tool, nor is it intended to be. The essence of Therapeutic Listening® is the practical blend of theory with clinical reasoning. When a practitioner understands the mechanics and foundations of Therapeutic Listening®, it…
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