Astronaut Training – A Sound Activated Vestibular-Visual Protocol

This online course teaches a protocol to provide precise input to all five vestibular receptors, along with auditory and visual input to create a comprehensive treatment protocol which integrates the vestibular-auditory-visual triad. Guidelines are provided for safe, effective use of this protocol with clients of all ages and diagnoses.

Avoiding the Summer Slide: How Families Can Continue with Therapeutic Listening® When School Is Out

As summer approaches, anticipation is rising at schools across the country. When you glance around the school, it is hard to tell who is more excited at the thought of warm summer days—the students or the staff. Summer is an exciting time for many, filled with a sense of freedom from the structure and routine of the school year. As therapists, this…
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Should I use Modulated Music or Quickshifts?

For the last 17 years, the hallmark series in the Therapeutic Listening® library consisted of the modulated albums.  Recently, the new Quickshift series has proved to be a powerful adjunct to any treatment session or home program.  However, therapists sometimes wonder how and when to implement each series of music? These two series of albums can be used independent of one another or…
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