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Interested in viewing Vital Links courses on your own time and at your own pace? Welcome to Vital Links Now!

Vital Links Now is Vital Links’ on-demand platform that provides therapists the opportunity to view Vital Links courses on a day and time that fits their schedule. No longer do therapists have to wait until a course is offered live. Now therapists can gain the information that they want, when they want it.

Vital Links Now includes an assortment of courses taught by our Vital Links instructional team on a range of topics relevant to clinical practice. These courses have been specifically selected by our instructional team to augment the live online and in-person Vital Links course offerings; hence, Vital Links Now does not include all courses offered by Vital Links. Visit Vital Links Now often as new courses will be added to the on-demand course library.

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Exploring Auditory Defensiveness – A Comprehensive Approach to Assessment and Treatment- Vital Links Now

January 1, 2032

In this on-demand, online course participants will explore the functional implications of auditory defensiveness (and misophonia) and the direct link between the auditory system and primary movement patterns.

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Building Blocks for Sensory Integration – Vital Links Now

January 1, 2032

This on-demand webinar provides a detailed background in the links between Sensory Integration and the primary movement patterns (primitive and postural reflexes).

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From Eyesight to Insight – Visual and Vestibular Assessment and Treatment – Vital Links Now

January 1, 2033

Participants will learn directly from an occupational therapist and developmental optometrist how to capture the subtleties of visual-vestibular dysfunction, thus enhancing participants’ ability to optimize treatment planning.

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