Eyesight to Insight

From Eyesight to Insight: Visual & Vestibular Assessment and Treatment

This two-day, course provides a practical opportunity for participants to interact with a sensory integrative occupational therapist and a developmental optometrist as they collaborate on the goal of facilitating optimum performance in children with movement and vision issues. Many children have unidentified visual and vestibular challenges which interfere with the development of physical, emotional, and cognitive skills including receptive and expressive language, reading, and writing. Speakers will reveal and clarify some of the mysteries of previously ambiguous performance issues in childhood. Participants will develop a broader net for capturing the subtleties of visual-vestibular behavior by gaining insight into underlying causes.

Lecture information and video demonstrations will provide ample opportunity for participants to learn how to administer a vision screening examination. Comprehensive treatment protocols, including the Astronaut Vestibular-Visual-Auditory Protocol, will be shared so that therapists are exposed to a broad range of practical, innovative, sequential vestibular-visual activities and exercises for use with their clients. Clarification of the roles of therapists and developmental optometrists will facilitate in-depth collaboration between these professional so as to expedite efficient, comprehensive case management. This course has been well received by occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech/language pathologists, psychologists, developmental optometrists, and special educators.

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From Eyesight to Insight – Visual and Vestibular Assessment and Treatment – Vital Links Now

January 1, 2033

Participants will learn directly from an occupational therapist and developmental optometrist how to capture the subtleties of visual-vestibular dysfunction, thus enhancing participants’ ability to optimize treatment planning.

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