Clinical Conversations

about our Clinical Conversations®

Vital Links has offered a variety of Clinical Conversations with a range of clinical and therapeutic topics. Our conversations are developed to deliver practical, clinical information to support professionals in their practice. Past Clinical Conversation topics have included:

  • Sensory Modulation
  • Mental Health
  • Auditory Defensiveness
  • Praxis & Motor Planning Issues
  • Rough and Tumble Play
  • The Therapeutic Benefits of Music and Sound
  • and more…

Selected Clinical Conversation topics have been inspired by therapist requests and interests; and our online training is an extension of our dedicated support to our trained clinicians.


Clinical Conversations webinars have been taught by a variety of instructors including:

  • Sheila M. Frick
  • Julia Wilbarger
  • Tracy Bjorling
  • Mary J. Kawar
  • Dr. Carl Hillier
  • Gail Ritchie
  • Brenda Lindsay
  • and other experienced therapists from across the world…

Instructors bring their vast knowledge and expertise to make the webinars come alive with clinical cases, practical models, and research studies. Instructors’ individual backgrounds create unique experiences for each Clinical Conversation.

Currently No Upcoming Events for this Course.