Auditory Defensiveness

Exploring Auditory Defensiveness:
A Comprehensive Approach to Assessment & Treatment

Do you truly understand the impact of the auditory system on function? What happens to our arousal level when there are disruptions in the way we process the sounds from our environment? How would it feel to be constantly bombarded by the sounds in your life?  More importantly do you know how to treat from a whole body perspective when these challenges occur?

Signs and symptoms of auditory defensiveness may present themselves as classic sensory defensive behaviors. However, that is not the only manner in which disruptions in the auditory system and audition leave someone vulnerable to becoming defensive. These defensive processes start early in life and if not addressed will continue to impact an individual’s level of participation and overall quality of life.

In this course, participants will explore the functional implications of auditory defensiveness and the direct link between the auditory system and primary movement patterns. This course will delve into the orienting-defensive continuum and the physiologic impact of a defensive response on movement patterns, arousal levels, and function.

Participants will begin to understand how auditory defensiveness and gravitational insecurity often present together and may represent an emerging sub-type of sensory defensiveness centered around spatial difficulties.

Video and case presentations will highlight simple auditory and movement treatment strategies essential for fostering fluid orienting and adaptability within the environment. This course is appropriate for individuals in private practice, schools, and community settings looking for new and innovative ways to address auditory defensiveness through both sound and movement approaches. No prior experience with auditory interventions is required to participate in this course.

Hear from people who have taken our Auditory Defensiveness course

Excellent presentation, explanations and use of videos. ~AILEEN

Great organization and preparation for the course. Instructor provided great information and presented information clearly and concisely. ~ASHLEY

I’ve taken Sheila’s courses in the past and have enjoyed all of them. She is personable, hands-on and very knowledgeable. After each course, I get excited to utilize the info in my treatment sessions. ~CHRISTINE

Sheila and Tracy prepared a wonderful webinar. I look forward to attending more in the near future. ~HEATHER

Sheila did an exceptional job of preparing and presenting material. To begin, she was very welcoming to all participants. I so appreciated how she continually engaged with us, asking and masterfully responding to the continual flow of questions (though we were all online, she kept us with her throughout the entire workshop). Extremely articulate with complex and clinical material. Her own passion and curiosity was evident. ~LAUREE

Sheila is an excellent presenter and makes neurology and physiology understandable. She keeps you alert for the entire webinar and the use of videos was good. ~SUE

I love to learn with Sheila! She is great at teaching and engaging the subject matter. ~JUDI

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Exploring Auditory Defensiveness – A Comprehensive Approach to Assessment and Treatment- Vital Links Now

January 1, 2032

In this on-demand, online course participants will explore the functional implications of auditory defensiveness (and misophonia) and the direct link between the auditory system and primary movement patterns.

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