An Introduction to TRE® with Sheila Frick

Welcome Video Sheila Frick’s personal reflection on TRE As a lifelong learner and explorer of development and neurobiology, I have a deep interest in the natural design of the body. Throughout my study, I have been especially curious about the neurophysiologic processes that are activated following exposure to perceived threat. In the case of individuals with sensory processing disorders, a perceived threat…
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Understanding Astronaut Training & Translation to Home Environments – Clinical Conversation

This free webinar will provide an introduction to the theoretical underpinnings behind Astronaut Training and how key concepts can be translated across environments. Join Mary Kawar & Sheila M. Frick as they discuss the rationale behind the power of the vestibular system in supporting optimal participation for all individuals. Therapists will gain an appreciation for how life experiences and internal conditions can disrupt or compromise vestibular…
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Sound Strategies for Enhancing Occupational Participation through Telehealth – Clinical Conversation

Join Sheila M. Frick as she discusses your questions related to the implementation of various Therapeutic Listening libraries (Quickshifts and Modulated albums) and strategies to foster successful participation for our clients across telehealth and virtual consults. This webinar will also discuss potential musical matches for frequently reported concerns with sleeping, arousal and affect regulation, and anxiety.

Whole Brain Processing – Clinical Conversation

Learning is supported by the brain’s ability to adequately process information from the body and the environment. This incoming input is organized in vertical and horizontal information processing streams which strengthen whole-brain processing. This free clinical conversation will discuss various sensorimotor and sound-based strategies to facilitate whole brain processing, support emotional regulation, and executive functioning. We’re offering this free webinar to teachers,…
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Practice What You Practice: Occupational Therapist Challenge

Don’t ignore your value as a Therapist As therapists, our job is to support our clients in living the richest lives possible. We’re givers and caretakers — and it’s probably safe to say that at the end of the day we just want to facilitate an environment where our clients have the opportunity to live a quality life. We understand that it’s…
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