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October 2019


Quickshifts – Revolutionizing the Use of Sound in Sensorimotor Integrative Treatment

October 7

This live, online course (recording access available) focuses on evaluating movement to precisely and effectively match music to individual client needs to improve self-regulation from a multi-system approach. We will explore the Quickshift music albums that capitalize on the powerful impact of binaural beat technology and musical entrainment.

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November 2019


Therapeutic Listening – Listening with the Whole Body

November 8 - November 9

In this two-day, online, initial training course, participants will learn to use Therapeutic Listening® modulated audio selections to create individualized, home-based programs for clients.

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Astronaut Training – A Sound Activated Vestibular-Visual Protocol

November 15 - November 16

This online course teaches a protocol to provide precise input to all five vestibular receptors, along with auditory and visual input to create a comprehensive treatment protocol which integrates the vestibular-auditory-visual triad. Guidelines are provided for safe, effective use of this protocol with clients of all ages and diagnoses.

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December 2019


Finding Safety and Stability: A Trauma-Informed Sensory Motor Approach

December 6

This live, one-day, online course will explore the connections between trauma, sensory processing and sensory integrative difficulties. Participants will learn how sound and movement are critical in the development of body based, perceptual motor, and social emotional foundations for feeling safe in the world and in relationship to another.

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From Eyesight to Insight – Visual and Vestibular Assessment and Treatment

December 8 - December 9

This online course offers a practical opportunity for participants to interact with a sensory integrative occupational therapist and a developmental optometrist as they collaborate on the goal of facilitating optimum performance in children with movement and vision issues.

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