Is all vestibular activation created equal?

The vestibular system affords a powerful treatment strategy We acknowledge that our brain, with all of its neurological connections, develops and is altered positively and/or negatively by our experiences. A comprehensive understanding of the vestibular system affords therapists one of the most powerful treatment strategies because of its multifaceted contribution the integration of all sensory systems. The therapeutic power of vestibular activation…
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Reflex Integration into Function: Do primitive reflexes ever disappear?

We all enter the world with an innate set of hardwired primitive movement patterns that ensure our survival and help organize the development of our postural control— moving from rolling, sitting, crawling, and eventually walking. They also provide the basic neurological framework for the organization of our perceptual-motor development—how we perceive and, ultimately, act on our world. They are not a simple…
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Sensory Integration and Neuro-Developmental Tx (NDT) – Mini Clinical Conversation

In this 10 minute video, discover how and why Gail Ritchie, OTR/L, C/NDT uses specific therapeutic handling techniques to enhance this sensory and motor based treatment activity. Gail shares her thought process behind blending sensory and motor treatment strategies with specific handling to enhance functional performance for her client within the treatment session. Want to learn how to enhance your therapeutic handling…
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Embodying Academic Readiness

As the sights and the sounds of the fall season begin to transform, it is also undeniable that the new school year is fully underway. Children’s backpacks are getting heavier as more and more homework is sent home, parent teacher conferences loom on the horizon, and the warm summer days of playing outside for hours at a time seem like a distant…
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Free OD-OT Collaboration – Mini Clinical Conversation

Mary Kawar, M.S., OT/L and Carl Hillier, O.D., FCOVD discuss the value of cross-disciplinary (OT-OD) collaboration in this 20 minute mini clinical conversation. Want to learn how you can better support clients with visual and vestibular dysfunction? Join Mary and Carl for their collaborative course From Eyesight to Insight: Visual and Vestibular Assessment & Treatment.