Free Quickshift Webinar Recordings

Quickshifts at Your Fingertips

A short introduction to the use of Quickshifts.

Learn more about Quickshifts

Quickshifts vs. Modulated Music

Learn the differences between Quickshifts and Modulated Music in treatment through examples.

Learn more about Quickshifts


2 Comments on: “Free Quickshift Webinar Recordings

  1. Want to thank you for making this available on the website. I completed the Therapeutic Listening with your whole body course in Melbourne Australia and once I started including the Listening as part of a child’s sensory diet I have seen such incredible changes. These Webinars have not only been a refresher but clinical inspiration for many clients I am currently seeing.
    I was not fully familiar with Quick shifts but feel more confident of when and how to utilise them.
    Keep up the great work.

  2. Thank you for posting both of these free webinars. Would you be able to post the presentation materials (ppt or pdf)?
    Thank You
    Dan, COT

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