Sensory Modulation and Developmental Trauma (Part 2)

Last week in the clinic I evaluated a 3-year-old who so clearly validated, in my opinion, the strong links between sensory processing difficulties and trauma. Sensory processing and sensory integrative challenges are now being recognized in children who have developmental trauma- both from an overt traumatic experience and in children whose difficulties with sensory processing and sensory integration impact their overall perception…
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Sensory Modulation and Developmental Trauma

Our inborn fight, flight, freeze responses are automatic responses that help us cope when faced with dangerous situations. When we feel threatened, these subcortical mechanisms are triggered automatically. When triggered, our bodies experience an increase in physiological arousal and in muscular tension that hastens our ability to escape from the perceived threat, and or prepare our muscles to engage for fight. When…
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Using Gravity to Facilitate Sensorimotor Development in Infants and Children

Gravity is an essential influence on children’s sensorimotor development, reflex integration, and subsequent functional strength and participation. This course will examine the role of gravity in child development and through a treatment lens, including video demonstrations and case presentations.