The Use of the Therapeutic Listening App in Home Programming

Since the inception of the new App for Therapeutic Listening many therapists ask how we use Therapeutic Listening in our clinic. In the clinic, we continue to use the SanDisk Clip Player by inserting a music chip and attaching it to the top of the headphones. This allows the kids to have freedom to move and play. However, we use the Therapeutic Listening® App for all of our home listening programs.

Every two weeks, when we change music and progress a child through their individual program, we have the parents bring in either the phone or device that they will be using at home. This allows us support them in using the device for their home program. We then have the family open the app and we select the music, as well as, enter in our Therapeutic Listening course completion code (provided after completing our Listening with the Whole Body course). Then, we instruct the family directly in how to use the App (i.e., where to open it, how to play the music, how to use the headphones with it).

An additional application of the TL App is for a therapist to rent a specific music album that they have not used in the past and be able to evaluate it for a two weeks with several different clients. After the trial, they may decide to either purchase it on the App or purchase a chip or CD from Vital Sounds to add to their clinic’s library.


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