Quickshifts FAQ

How do I use Quickshifts with my clients? Perhaps one of the most convenient aspects of Quickshifts is their flexibility. These sound tools can be used by almost anyone at almost any time. Therapists across the world have implemented an array of methods when using Quickshifts. Here are some common ways in which these sound tools have been used. In treatment only…
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Therapeutic Listening FAQ

Therapist: Frequently Asked Questions Protocol Is it alright for the listening sessions to be 2 hours apart instead of 3, due to a short school day? No, you should move to only 1 Therapeutic Listening session per day, if this is the case. Is 2-3x a week sufficient amount of time to do the TLP or is a MUST to do it 2x every…
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Parents FAQ

Therapeutic Listening Support Quickshifts Support

General FAQ

We’ve compiled many questions for you to browse. Please feel free to fill out our Therapist Support Form should you not find answers to your questions here. I have a child on a TL program that has a difficult time with attention. His attention has improved since starting the listening; however his mom reported today that he is a lot more “argumentative”…
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