Meet Your Colleagues from Around the World

Wow! May and June were busy months at Vital Links!

In this month’s newsletter, we wanted to highlight some of the visionary therapists from our recent travel to South Africa, Boston, and Malaysia. After spending quality time both in and out of the clinic, we were struck by each therapist’s passion and commitment to improving the lives of the people they serve everyday.

We thank you and them for being a part of the Vital Links community.

Malaysia – Dr. Choy Sook Kuen (pictured above)

Dr. Choy Sook Kuen, a passionate and visionary leader founded Oasis Place , as a multidisciplinary center with Clinical Psychologists, OTs, SLTs, and Music Therapists to serve toddlers to adults. Oasis Place is committed to providing continuous education to families and professional development to therapists. We were able to spend some time and relax with Dr. Choy Sook Kuen. We took a short tour of Kuala Lumpur city center and spent evenings together over delicious dinners. Her passion and delight in children who experience the world in atypical fashion created an instant connection.

Boston – Stacey Szklut M.S., OTR/L

Stacey is the owner and executive director of South Shore Therapies, Inc. She travels nationally to teach a variety of workshops on sensory processing, autism, and feeding intervention, as well as providing consultations to schools. Stacey has written numerous articles and book chapters on assessment and intervention for infants and children with sensory processing disorders, developmental delays, learning disabilities, and autism, as well as chapters on clinical reasoning and consultation techniques. We were fortunate to be able to treat children alongside Stacey and her staff. Although we have known Stacey for many years, this experience afforded us an opportunity to gain a new appreciation for Stacey’s dedication to not only the children and families with whom she works but to the professional growth of her staff.

South Africa – Riana Henning & Gizelle Vermeulen

Riana is a dedicated Occupational Therapist who is a mentor in Therapeutic Listening® as well as DIRFloortime®. Riana is a pioneer in her work with adults with Sensory Processing dysfunction. She founded Fairplay Practice which sponsors continuing education workshops in South Africa. Gizelle Vermeulen has partnered with Riana at Fairplay and has now taken over ownership of Fairplay. At the end of May her dedication to quality continuing education was evident as she managed a 70 person Building blocks workshop the week before she delivered twins!

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  1. Tq Sheila for providing psychologists, therapists,educators and parents insights into power of using Therapeutic Listening and Quickshift effective and expedient outcomes for early intervention to adult population. Looking for to more in 2018 when you return to Oasis Place in Kuala Lumpur. Warmest, SKChoy

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