Harnessing the Power of Bone Conduction

This course introduces the use of the Forbrain® technology, which amplifies the user’s voice with a special filter and transmits the message through bone conduction. We will explore the connection between the audio-vocal loop, the vestibular system, and the core and how use of the Forbrain® technology can be used to improve functional outcomes.

Power and Precision with Comprehensive Vestibular and Proprioceptive Activation

Join Mary Kawar and Sheila Frick as they provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the role of the vestibular and proprioceptive systems in everyday life, and how participation is ultimately impacted when the functioning of these systems is compromised.

Vestibular Activation: Why Is It Critical to Treatment?

The vestibular system is the primary sensory system that supports all of the other sensory systems and provides the bridge between sensory processing and motor control. So, it is essential that we ensure that it is functioning optimally in all of our clients. Many life experiences, starting in utero, can disrupt or compromise vestibular development and function, including the following: Movement deprivation:…
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Gravity: Our Silent Partner in Treatment

Gravity is integral to life Gravity is such an integral part of life on this planet that most of us are oblivious to it – until something goes wrong with our vestibular system. As adults that mostly manifests as vertigo or Menier’s disease, both of which are severely debilitating. But what is it about gravity that is so essential to human development…
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